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Plastic to fuel

  • The technology is not overly complicated. Plastics are shredded and then heated in an oxygen-free chamber (known as pyrolysis) to about 400 degrees Celsius. As the plastics boil, gas is separated out and often reused to fuel the machine itself.
  • The fuel is then distilled and filtered. Because the entire process takes place inside a vacuum and the plastic is melted – not burned, minimal to no resultant toxins are released into the air, as all the gases and or sludge are reused to fuel the machine.

Turmeric waste to Fuel

  • We have developed an unique fuel oil from spent turmeric oleoresin (Turmeric Bio Fuel) for the first time in India.
  • This is a ultra low sulfur fuel with no odor and smoke pollution while firing.   Ideally suited to replace conventional Furnace Oil (Petroleum based) with high sulfur content.
  • We have highly satisfied clients for this product and 2 Degrees Cli-Con Pvt. Ltd. is aggressively focusing on these products and projects to make 1000 Tons of this fuel per month.

Waste to Fuel

  • In persuasion to develop innovative and realistic solutions for ever growing solid waste disposal and recycling challenges, 2 Degrees Cli-Con  Pvt. Ltd. has spent considerable time and recourses to develop an unique Gasification technology (first of its kind in India) to and could demonstrate the same at its Suryapet Facility.
  • This technology has gained the attention of many public, Govt. and private organizations and 2 Degrees Cli-Con  Pvt. Ltd is providing very economic fuel solutions using solid waste to many clients on `build, own, operate and sell fuel gas’ on long term contracts to various clients.
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